Monday, July 21, 2014


In an earlier post, I mentioned my bothers nickname was Stumpy. His real name is Samuel, but no one calls him that except my mom. I love my Stumpy. He is so cute!

My sister made the Nickname, and I have no clue why. It really fits him. He is short.

This is an epic fail of him taking a selfie. He is trying to flex his (not existent) muscles. He is also trying to do duck face. You should really here him talk minion sometime. Or see him do the Happy Dance. Or him say Hobby Lobby.
I love Stumpy.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hi, it is Lillie, once again. It has been a while since I last posted, but...

A few days ago, I got back from a mission trip. We left July 5th, and returned July 12th. The mission trip was to Colorado. It was so much fun. We did a basketball camp up there, but during the camp, we shared about Christ.
Here is our team. From left to right starting with the top row, John, John, Frank, Jake, Tim (my Dad)Lynn (our guide), Cale, Samuel, and then me in the pink hoodie. We are at Grand Mesa in this pic. There were adorable chipmunks and we fed them Pringles.

Here is one intense game of dribble tag. In the circle (the finalists) are Hayden (in white) Little Jake (in Dark Blue), and Nicole (in pink). Of course we did play a lot of Basketball since it was a Basketball Camp.
We saw a lot of sights and had a lot of fun, as well as shared the Gospel with kids who had likely never heard it before.
More to share later,

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hey! It's me again! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but like always, my family and I are extremely busy. We have been doing a lot in    4-H, with our church, and other stuff. Also, I have been riding my horse a lot lately, since it is getting warmer.
     In fact, my little brother, Samuel, fell off the other day. He was riding bare back, and I had put Trixie into a jog- I turned the corner of the garden ( where we ride) and I guess I turned her to sharp! Behind me I heard a thunk! I looked behind me and Samuel was lying in the thick grass laughing. He then told me in his sweet, cute, little Stumpy like voice “little sharp there."
Thanks for reading, sorry I didn't have time to write more!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

6 Things to do when your BORED!

     Hello again!!!
Guess what I am? Bored! I am bored. I need snickers!

Just kidding. I don't like Snickers! Do you know what I do like though? Adorable Monkeys!
Isn't he TOTES ADORBS??? Or how about TOTES MCGOATS?
Yeah, I am seriously bored. I am only assuming you can tell.
So. Let me tell you some things I do when I'm bored.
1. Create an amazingly random blog post
2. Think of odd names for kids. 
3. Get a snack!
4. Burn those calories you just ate by playing with the 'performance' speed on your treadmill!       
5. Look and see if there are any famous people that share your name!
6. Reprogram your Dad's phone! JK! Do not do this! I repeat do not do this! But please, try this,
go to Khan Academy and learn how to program computers using HTML! It is so much fun!
OK. I have given you 6 great ideas. Now it's your turn. Use your creative mind God gave you and DO SOMETHING! 
If all else fails you, look at these!
Don't mess with me!

Relaxation is the key!

Amen Sista! Or Brotha! Whomever was brave enough to create this!

I personally am not on Facebook. Thank Goodness!


Tsk. Tsk. Tsk


HaHaHa. This needs to be a Yo Mama Joke!



What happened to it's face?

I dunno what to say!

This one is so true!

Yesssirreee! Every time I look at this, it makes me laugh!
Oh yeah, and judge this class of horses!
Place your horses in order from best, to last. Such as if you place it with 1 first, 2 second, 3 third, and 4 fourth, than your placing is 1-2-3-4. 
Thanks for reading, and helping me through this boredom!
Okie Girl~
PS: My computers having trouble, so sorry for the to many spaces and stuff.
PPS: I'm still bored
PPPS: My brother's nickname is Stumpy.
PPPPS: That was random.

Monday, February 24, 2014

A Free Verse of a Horse

     I mentioned in the previous post that I am homeschooled, which is one of the reasons I created this blog. I will post a lot of creative writing assignments for school. This will be one of them.
     This morning while grooming Trixie (my Welsh Pony) I was inspired to write a free-verse poem about a girl braiding her horse's mane.

     A free-verse poem is simple. It is free from specific amounts of verses in a poem, and rhyming. The only rule, is it must be extremely descriptive.

     So- here it goes:

As the girl walked toward her dappled gray pony,
she suddenly felt an urge to work with that delightful, flowing mane. 
The biting wind chilled her ungloved fingers,
as she reached for the pale locks,
lightly, mildly, timidly, she twisted it into a braid.
The plait was flourishing, down the speckled neck,
developing further, growing deeper,
as more and more was joined in.
Tying the one, she began another.
Her fingers began to fly,
the fine mane in her fingertips.
The icy cold chill bit at her face,
but she felt not a care in the world.
She was with her horse,
what more could she want?
      I hope you enjoyed it, and yes, I did braid Trixie's mane like I described. The feeling I depicted at the end of the poem was real. When you are there alone with a horse, you don't feel anything else but peacefulness. The feeling is amazingly pleasant and enjoyable.
Okie Girl~

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Little About Me!

     Hi, I am Lillie and I live in Oklahoma. I absolutely love animals!!! I love everything that has to do with animals, including Livestock and Horse Judging, riding horses, and playing with my goats. My family has four horses, seven goats, three dogs, a handful of chickens, and a cat. I am also homeschooled, which is a whole bunch of fun, and opens up opportunities, like a Government camp called TeenPact.

SO- that's some about me, and much more will come in the future!

       Okie Girl~